Senin, 20 Juni 2016

News Article

Knowing Our Dean and Faculty more
Faculty of Humanities is the one of new faculty in Jenderal Soedirman University. Mr. Bambang Lelono as the Dean explained that there are many things that become an attention such as the officers until the facilities in every room. “However, there are some advantages come to us after become Faculty of Humanities” said Mr. Bambang. The advantages as Mr. Bambang said are for the Dean itself, for the officers, and for the collegian students. For the Dean, it become easier when the Dean and officers have a program for the faculty, they should not ask permission to the higher official. The advantage for the officers is they can work with comfortable, and for the collegian student is they feel more comfortable and happy because they have own faculty.
According to Mr. Bambang, it is not easy to organize the faculty especially the officers, it need step by step to build a great faculty. The officers should work together each other to make their work balance and to develop the faculty. Mr. Bambang also said that the working quality of his officer still not maximal, because there are some officers who just sitting and playing with their Smartphone while in work time. There is also other obstacle when Mr. Bambang organizes the faculty; it is a group of collegian students who have protest about the bill. “The collegian students who have protest about the bill do not discuss it with me; they not ask why the bill is increased. If they ask to me about the bill, I will explain the reason to them.” Mr. Bambang perceived. Mr. Bambang also said that the policy of the bill is come from the government; it is not the self business.
Mr. Bambang Lelono is very busy after he becomes a Dean. Moreover, there is a family which should he pay attention to. He can share the time between his working as the dean and the family. “I feel very grateful because my children have become adult, so I just waiting them to visit me, because they were in Bogor and Jakarta. For my wife, she also work with me in here, she is the head of Indonesian literature department so we can have quality time everywhere although in campus. I am so happy because my family always supports me in every time.” Mr. Bambang said.

Senin, 23 Mei 2016

Book Review

Raksasa dari Jogja

Raksasa dari Jogja is the one of best seller novel which is written by Dwitasari, the famous novel’s writer from Jakarta. Raksasa dari Jogja in English means “A Giant from Jogja”. The giant actually is not a real giant, but it is used to describe a man from Jogjakarta who has tall body. This epithet came from a girl as the main character in the novel. The novel published in October, 2012 and has 271 pages. There are some characters in this novel and the main characters are Bianca and Gabriel.
Bianca is a girl who life with anguish. Every day she should heard and saw her father got angry to his mother, and she never show how she feels hurt. She still holds on although she feels very hurt and should saw her mother had bruise in her face because of her father’s hit. Her pain still continues after she saw her close friend Letisha had relationship with Joshua, a boy who always in her mind and pray. She should let her first love go, because of her close friend.

Bianca doesn’t believe about love, she feels too hurt because of love. She thinks that love just a pain, because she often saw dispute between her parents.

Then, Bianca decides to continue her study in Jogjakarta, well known as the special town which gives nice memories to the people who come there. Bianca met Gabriel, the boy who has very tall body. She feels comfortable with him although she doesn’t believe about love before. After that meeting, Bianca always thought about him, and she fall in love with him slowly.

The story of the novel is very interesting and the plot is clear, because the novel tell the setting of Bianca’s life until she met with Gabriel in Jogjakarta. The novel is series novel, so the story is continue to the next novel. The newest novel is released in this year 2016.

Senin, 18 April 2016

Short Story

Happiness after the Sorrow

Wind was blowing in my ears, I sit alone in the backyard of my house and remembered the last moment with him. I still can’t forget him although he didn’t text me for long weeks. Before he ignored me, we just met and we also spent our day together. Actually, we have 3 years in long distance relationship; he should continue his study in other city. For the first, it was very hard, but I knew that I should let him to reach his future. I can’t forget the last meeting with him.

“Wait for a minute and I will arrive in your house!” said him.

“Okay, I will wait you.” I replied.

5 minutes later, he arrived in my house and then he invited me to went somewhere with him. We were very happy in that day and we shared everything when we were in other city. He said “Be calm, we will okay and we still together although in miles distance.” I just smiled.

Yah it just can be remembered, I didn’t know it will happen again or not. I felt very sad until I didn’t realize that my tears fell down. When I enjoyed my loneliness, suddenly someone call my name.

“Jean… Jean where are you?”

“Oh my God, I know that voice!” I shocked

“Jeaaan… are you in home?” the voice was repeated

I ran to the front quickly, as I felt before I knew that voice. Yah he was here, it was very surprised me.
“Jean, are you okay? I am here.”
I still can’t believe that he was here, I was speechless, and there was no word which can I said.
“Why you just look at me like this? Do you miss me? I miss you so much!”

Suddenly my tears was falling down, I can’t describe my feeling, I was angry because he ignored me for the long time, but in truth I miss him so much. So, I just kept quiet for few minutes.
“Why you come here?” Just the sentence that can I said.
“I come here to say something to you, I feel very regret for ignored you, but you should know the reason why I ignored you for long weeks.”He tried to give explanation.
“There is no explanation that I need, it was clear that you have leaved me!”
“Please Jean, give me a chance.”
“Well, what do you want?”
“I ignored you for long weeks, it was not mean I don’t love you.”
“I ignored you, in that time I am preparing to propose you. Will you marry me Jane?”

I was speechless to hear that he said, I felt very happy but I also very angry because he didn’t give me explanation before. I can’t refuse him, I do love him so much.
“Jane let me show my love to you, I want to propose you to be my wife, would you?” He said seriously and gave a ring.
“Sure, I do love you.” I was very happy.

Finally, I knew after the sorrow, happiness will be come to our life. He proposed me and he show that he very serious with me, although he ignored me for long weeks. I still can’t believe, and I hope this relationship wills happy ending in forever. 

Senin, 11 April 2016

Movie Review

Doraemon Stand by Me

Doraemon is the famous cartoon movie from Japan. Doraemon Stand by Me is the one of episode from Doraemon cartoon movie was present in cinema at December, 2014. People were very enthusiastic to watch this phenomenal movie which is explained that it is the last episode of Doraemon cartoon movie.

Doraemon stand by me movie is almost same with the other episode of Doraemon cartoon movie. This movie make the viewers feel very disappointed, because the plot of the story is too distracted. First, Doraemon is programmed should come back to his origin after Nobita getting adult and married, but we can’t find the climax of the plot. Then the story moves to other scene which is not related with the scene before. Finally Nobita and Doraemon still together, Doraemon does not come back to his origin.

Although the movie make the viewers feel confuse with the plot, but the scene of the movie can make the viewers become compassionate when the friendship between Doraemon and Nobita should be end.

Selasa, 05 April 2016


Don't Blame The Distance

In the day when I meet you
I just lost my sorrow, my sadness
Everything change like a rainbow
Stars also shining in every night

It has been long days
Then rainbow become disappear
Stars stop to shining again
Sorrow and sadness cover the happiness

After year by year in miles distance
You look so different
I don't know who you are
Distance has shatter everything

We can't blame the distance
We just ignore each other
Until we don't realize 
Distance has killing us slowly 

Selasa, 29 Maret 2016


First, let me thanks to Allah SWT because of the blessing I can finish my blog. I also want to say thanks to my lecture, Mr. Rosyid Dodiyanto who always gives me knowledge about how to write in English well. 
I made this blog to complete my creative writing lesson and in this blog I will share my activities in creative writing lesson. I hope this blog can give the reader inspiration and also can entertain the reader.
I realize that my blog is not perfect, so your criticism and suggestion are much needed to make the blog more interesting. I hope you enjoy to visit my blog. 

Rabu, 16 Maret 2016

Welcome to My Blog

Hello guys.. Welcome to my blog. It is the first time for me to post in my blog, so let me introduce my self. My name is Srihono Ayu Prabaningtias, you can call me Ayu. I was born in Banyumas, Central Java 20 years ago. I live in Purwokerto start from I was born until now. Now I study in Jenderal Soedirman University with English Diploma Program as my major. Reading and cycling are my hobbies. 

Well, I made this blog to publish my creativity in my creative writing lesson. I hope you will enjoy to visiting my blog. Okay I think that's all and thank you for visiting my blog.